Thursday, November 27, 2014

This week was the end of week 3 in the MTC, 6 more until im in Armenia.  the time has flown by here and i cant believe it has been so long since i left.  This past week has been another interesting week and i saw many break downs by not only my district, but also by me.  It's been hard to be away from all my family and friends, but i know that im out here for a reason.  

Elder Oaks came and talked to us on tuesday about what separates us from other churches and how we need to dedicate ourselves fully to the work.  This time is not the only time that we are missionaries for, this is just the foundation.  We are all learning how to apply these principles for now and later, you never stop being a missionary.  

My faith was shaken the next day because of an answer that i havent received for a while and felt like i would never receive.  However, just by talking about this concern with my companion, Elder Amdal, i received answers as i was talking.  Elder Bednar came and talked to us today for thanksgiving and had it be a question and answer.  There was a question about faith that he answered that i thought was incredible.  He said that "just by asking or talking about concerns or questions you have already shows that you have faith."(paraphrasing) it was an answer that i can testify is true.  If you dont have faith that you will receive an answer, then why are you asking.  i then realized that i do have faith in Jesus Christ and heavenly father, and that i am willing to do whatever it takes to get an answer and return to his presence.  I am his for the rest of my life, "my will, is the Fathers will."

i know that my spiritual thoughts dont make a lot of sense and if you need clarification feel free to write me or email me, but i prefer letters because i can ponder them for a while before emailing back.  But, this week has been an extreme blessing and has boosted my faith.  If you study the scriptures daily and earnestly pray, you will never fall away from the church. it is alright to ask questions, just dont hide them and not talk about them.  he is here for us and is waiting for us to ask him, and by the Holy Ghost he will reveal it to us as long as we have a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  I love you all! I miss you all a lot and im glad that you are supporting me and every other missionary around the world that is dedicated to this work!

-Elder Porcelli

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Man the 2nd week was rough and good at the same time.  I've been thinking a lot about home and have been concerned about how everyone is doing.  its been hard for me to think really positively, but every single night whether its our teachers or at the devotionals, there is something that always brings me back to focusing on Christ.  I'm not going to write a ton this week cause I don't have a lot of time, but there is something that i would like to let you all know before I get off.  

The prodigal son was a parable that I didn't take much consideration of.  I thought it was nice and it was a sweet story about a son and a father.  But, one thing that I didn't realize until tuesday night at the MTC devotional was how much Heavenly Father really loves us.  there was a video of the prodigal son walking back home on a pathway in tattered clothes, and his dad saw him, and instead of waiting for him once he noticed his son, he ran up the pathway as fast as he could to go and greet him.  it hit me that instant of how much He really does love us and how concerned he is of our feelings and who we want to be.  He isn't going to sit back on his throne and wait for us at the gates of heaven, he is going to stand up and hurry as fast as he can to see us and let us know how proud he is of us no matter how we turn out.  

i know that I couldn't go into detail about that but just know that it is something that i want you all to think about!!! remember to write me, my mom has the information for my dear elder and it is in my previous emails. i prefer the dear elders because i would have time to think about what i want to say and wouldn't have to rush things in just an hour! Thanks to everyone who helped me get here!!! love you all!!! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week One and Porcelli Kwan Do

The first week here in the MTC has been interesting to say the least.  Learning an entirely new alphabet for a language that has no relation to any other language besides itself is tough.  I have already taught 5 lessons to a woman named Marine to help practice our Armenian.  I was named District Leader the second day i was here.  There is about 12 elders and sisters in my district and 30 in my zone/branch.  One of the sisters that was in my district left on monday so it was sad to see that.  Other than that most of the MTC has been good for the most part.  Everyone in my zone is going to different countries.  Armenia has 9 going and it has the most going to one place.  My companions and i have started a fitness regiment called Porcelli kwan do and i have gotten all 5 of us in my room and most of my district to start.  we like joking around and it feels like we have known each other for a long time.  My teachers are awesome and focus on us better understanding the gospel and our purpose in life before we master the language.  when i say that i dont get the language very well i mean i want to know the entire thing right now because i want to be able to be an instrument in the Lords hands.  I am doing very well so far in the language for only being here 8 days and have taught a lot so.... i think that would count as exceeding my expectations.  there is always room for improvement in every aspect of life.  never settle on something like a testimony, even when you think you cant learn more than you already have youll soon realize there is always something new to learn.  I got to sing in the choir which was really fun even though i cant sing church music, but the spirit is very strong in the devotional building where we practice and perform.  the devotionals by Spencer Condie and Dean Davies were amazing.  i also got to see Elder Bednars talk on the characteristic of Christ which definitely made an impact on me.  its about being truly converted to Christ, he gave an example of if an apostle fell away from the church it would make him sad, but hes not converted to other people, hes converted to Christ and his teachings.  That made me think differently about my approach to investigators and also to my future and how i can make that change right now to become more converted to Christ.  anyways, the mission has been fun so far and there have been a couple times when i was wondering why i was here but there is always an answer a couple hours after i start asking or doubting myself. so yup, church is true, if you want to know more write me letters because we only get an hour to email so i wont have time to read and write.  Heres my mission address.

Elder Andrew John Porcelli

2007 N 900 E Unit 74
Provo, UT 84602

That's the dear elder stuff, but I'm excited to hear from you guys and to be able to tell you about my experiences. So get ripped and send me food.

P.S. Mommy send this to a group email form the lists i gave you and the one that everyone wrote their email down on, thanks, and send more easy cheese and please please send protein bars.


will you send that email to alex, luke, sean, kyle and joe please. and send me more care packages pleaseeee with lots of jerky, protein, a protein blender bottle and easy cheese. bye love you, tell the girls that im thinking about them, and chris. the 360 i think i left at dawsons but chris can get it back... even tho the girls dont need it. so send my ipod please!!!!!!! Bye miss you guys, tell dad ill be praying for him and that he needs to get better!


oh yeah i saw matthew here along with tons of friends but ill send the pictures home next week when i finally can, and matthew left for russia on monday so yup thats it!