Monday, July 6, 2015

First Week in Gyumri, by Russian Military Base

This week has been a very fun time! I’m getting used to the Gyum's.  The only thing that sucks is travel time.  We have to travel everywhere and it takes forever.  Other than that I love it.  The people here are way different though! They actually joke around but are also way more Russian in their pride about everything.  We have some good work so far and we are doing our best.  Its super stressful up here but its going to be worth it.  There isn’t a ton of news from up here. Oh, we don’t have food.  hahahah but we have been eating a lot of ramen.  We are going to learn how to make chili so that is exciting, it is from the land of my forefathers... funny thing is its not from Mexico! Anyway, we will be living on that for a while.  I want to give a special shout out to Parker Freeman who is having his farewell talk soon, he's going to slay it! So listen ahhah.  Just remember that God loves you! We are lucky enough to live in His promised land.  Trust in Him!!! Independence is awesome! We decided to re-draw the American flag with Utah as apart of the "14" colonies

Utah part of original colonies... hmm