Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Smoking Wasn't the Problem

This week was great.  We had a lot of success with investigators accepting baptism and coming to church.  We are improving on things in the companionship which has caused a direct result of the presence of the Spirit.  The members have been a great help lately in coming to lessons with us and they still need to learn more about their roles in the ward and callings.  We had a great amount of investigators at church and had a couple of less-actives come back.  To see the light in their eyes was amazing.  

We have been truly blessed.  We learn something new each day that we can do better.  The blessings that i have received and the lessons i have learned have been incredible.  One of those lessons is personal revelation.  I won't go deep into it. But to be short, the prophet Joseph Smith said, "Salvation cannot come without revelation."  I've taken that straight on in my missionary work and life.  I have been learning about the things that the Lord needs me to do and not what i want to do. Personal revelation brings us closer to the Savior.  It gives us the nourishment our spirit needs.  It gives us hope in the mission of the Savior.  

I would like to share a miracle that happened last night.  We were meeting with a family, in which everyone is now baptized(daughter-in-law just got baptized) that has a son that struggles with smoking.  We were talking with him and how we can help him.  He gets very angry at his children and we felt that smoking wasn't his problem, it was anger.  We shared scriptures and testimony and he felt the spirit very strongly.  I could see a change start within him.  After the meeting he thanked us and promised that he would be more patient and we promised that it would help him quit smoking.  

Miracles are not against nature.  They are a way of teaching gospel principles.  Any thing that is of God is good.  Miracles can be as simple as a change of heart.  A lot of which has happened this transfer, thanks in great part to my companion.

My companion right now is extraordinary in every aspect of life; missionary work, work ethic, intelligence and most important, being a friend.  He has helped me understand a lot of the purpose of life and how to go to my Heavenly Father for everything.  The greatest lesson i have learned is this: I know my standing with God.  That can mean a lot of things for a lot of people, but for me it means that "I know in whom i have trusted."(2 Nephi 4:19)  It means that the way to improve is by going to God and asking Him how to improve.  We all have attributes of Godliness and it is okay to apply some that others have.  We are here to help each other return to Him and become "perfected in Him."(Moroni 10:32)  I wish that i could express through words the gratitude i have for the lessons i am learning from my Heavenly Father, Savior, the Holy Ghost and my companion.  You know you have a friend when he cares for your well being and when he is a bro, shortly said. I wish that i could thank his parents and family in person, because my life has changed.  
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. They are resurrected and glorified beings.  I know that They love us all.  They show Their love for us through others.  

Keep on smiling and have a great week.  Be grateful for those around you and notice the attributes of Godliness that they all have and let them know about them.  

Love Elder Porcelli 

Picture posted by Armenian member on his Facebook page and mom just was lucky enough to recognize her son in the picture!
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