Thursday, November 20, 2014

Man the 2nd week was rough and good at the same time.  I've been thinking a lot about home and have been concerned about how everyone is doing.  its been hard for me to think really positively, but every single night whether its our teachers or at the devotionals, there is something that always brings me back to focusing on Christ.  I'm not going to write a ton this week cause I don't have a lot of time, but there is something that i would like to let you all know before I get off.  

The prodigal son was a parable that I didn't take much consideration of.  I thought it was nice and it was a sweet story about a son and a father.  But, one thing that I didn't realize until tuesday night at the MTC devotional was how much Heavenly Father really loves us.  there was a video of the prodigal son walking back home on a pathway in tattered clothes, and his dad saw him, and instead of waiting for him once he noticed his son, he ran up the pathway as fast as he could to go and greet him.  it hit me that instant of how much He really does love us and how concerned he is of our feelings and who we want to be.  He isn't going to sit back on his throne and wait for us at the gates of heaven, he is going to stand up and hurry as fast as he can to see us and let us know how proud he is of us no matter how we turn out.  

i know that I couldn't go into detail about that but just know that it is something that i want you all to think about!!! remember to write me, my mom has the information for my dear elder and it is in my previous emails. i prefer the dear elders because i would have time to think about what i want to say and wouldn't have to rush things in just an hour! Thanks to everyone who helped me get here!!! love you all!!! 

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