Thursday, November 27, 2014

This week was the end of week 3 in the MTC, 6 more until im in Armenia.  the time has flown by here and i cant believe it has been so long since i left.  This past week has been another interesting week and i saw many break downs by not only my district, but also by me.  It's been hard to be away from all my family and friends, but i know that im out here for a reason.  

Elder Oaks came and talked to us on tuesday about what separates us from other churches and how we need to dedicate ourselves fully to the work.  This time is not the only time that we are missionaries for, this is just the foundation.  We are all learning how to apply these principles for now and later, you never stop being a missionary.  

My faith was shaken the next day because of an answer that i havent received for a while and felt like i would never receive.  However, just by talking about this concern with my companion, Elder Amdal, i received answers as i was talking.  Elder Bednar came and talked to us today for thanksgiving and had it be a question and answer.  There was a question about faith that he answered that i thought was incredible.  He said that "just by asking or talking about concerns or questions you have already shows that you have faith."(paraphrasing) it was an answer that i can testify is true.  If you dont have faith that you will receive an answer, then why are you asking.  i then realized that i do have faith in Jesus Christ and heavenly father, and that i am willing to do whatever it takes to get an answer and return to his presence.  I am his for the rest of my life, "my will, is the Fathers will."

i know that my spiritual thoughts dont make a lot of sense and if you need clarification feel free to write me or email me, but i prefer letters because i can ponder them for a while before emailing back.  But, this week has been an extreme blessing and has boosted my faith.  If you study the scriptures daily and earnestly pray, you will never fall away from the church. it is alright to ask questions, just dont hide them and not talk about them.  he is here for us and is waiting for us to ask him, and by the Holy Ghost he will reveal it to us as long as we have a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  I love you all! I miss you all a lot and im glad that you are supporting me and every other missionary around the world that is dedicated to this work!

-Elder Porcelli

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