Monday, October 5, 2015

Well, let me just tell you that this week was just a treat.  We found
two super elect investigators and they have baptismal dates.  The live in the poorest
conditions I have ever seen but humble as can be.  General Conference
is probably my favorite times of year. We have the chance to listen to
living prophets and apostles.   I hope you all got something out of it
and have changed since! The great thing about this life is when you
want to change you will change and if you do not, you will slip.  I was
reminded this last week that everything in the gospel is simple and I
hope that you all realize that as well.  We take it step by step and
the Lord will lead the way! Put your trust and faith in Him and you
will be satisfied with the results,  it might take time, it is worth it!

Elder Porcelli

attached is a picture of a quilt a member made for the Mission President's wife.  
All of the Elders donated a tie to make the quilt.  
Andrew's is the red, white, and blue striped

So cool!!!

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