Monday, October 26, 2015

Well, I did have a lot to tell you guys but I have decided to pretty much tell you this.  In times that we are feeling overwhelmed, discomforted or confused, if we rely on the Savior we will always be delivered.  We don't always have to have a reason, most of the time I don’t even know what I’m stressed about, but one thing that I know is that Heavenly Father always helps us when we come to Him with a "broken heart and a contrite Spirit."  This week I was pretty stressed out wondering if I was doing all the things I needed to do and I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, so I went and prayed to Heavenly Father.  I didn’t receive an explanation of why everything was happening, why I was stressed out, I just felt the love of God surround me and my burdens lifted.  Sometimes God just wants us to feel His love because maybe we haven’t felt it in a while.  I have a firm belief that God just wants us to know how much He loves us, all it takes is a leap of faith, a prayer or maybe a time of repentance.  But, I do know that He loves all of us. He wants us to be happy in this life, not overwhelmed.  I guess my stress was from all of the mosquito bites I’ve gotten lately ha-ha.  But, I hope you all are having a great time.  A one sentence testimony is still a testimony! 

I know you guys think that a lot of the blessings you are receiving are because of my mission, but I want to tell you it takes two to tango! In other words, you guys are doing your part with God and He is giving you the blessings He has always wanted to give you.  I want you guys to recognize all the good you are doing and ask Heavenly Father, “what lack I yet?" it works, I have already tried it and have gotten an answer I wasn’t expecting.  I feel really blessed to know that there is a temple 5 minutes away from our house when I get home.  These people have to wait and wait and then go to Ukraine.  It’s very tough. I miss the temple a lot.  There is a peace that you can’t find in the outside world in there and the food is the best I’ve ever had.  I love my mission.  I’m not the best missionary but I know that I have changed because of it and I feel super blessed for that. We had a good end to the week which made all the difference.  Had a lot of less actives we visit come back after months of inactivity, because of a simple invitation and an "I miss you” they are important too. Love you! Have fun! Be happy! 

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