Monday, November 2, 2015

This week was great! We had a great first two days and had some good interviews with President.  Had some lunch with him at our disgustingly amazing apartment and then got sick, for two days.  There is one up side to that, I am learning how to play the piano and its coming along pretty nicely.  Ha-ha, we have been doing a lot of less-active/inactive work here because finding here has been the hardest thing so far.  We have been having so much fun with these less-actives because they are all amazing people! It really makes a difference when you decide to just love them for who they are and who they can become.  On Saturday, we got waved over to a guy’s house, who we never met, and he showed us some hospitality..... A lot.  We talked with him and one of the first things he said was this, “Is Christ really going to come?" and we assured him that He will.  I could tell it is something he deeply cares about and we struck up a great friendship between him and his wife.  We ate more honey than I can handle, plain and he showed us his bee farm! We got to wear the awesome bee hats and he said we can come back in a week when he is home! We’ve been having great experiences with talking to people and having heartfelt lessons.  We had 40 more people at church on Sunday than usual which was great! We had about 7 less-actives come back, including one from Salt Lake here with the peace core.  In all we had a great week here.  We aren’t teaching any investigators, yet.  Mainly because they will never meet with us and the people who do, cant for another week.  Count your blessings! Life is great if you make it great! Love you all! 

Bee Keeper Investigator - we do what we gotta do!

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