Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This week was super fun.  We did a lot of service and it was awesome.  I chopped wood for my first time in my life and luckily I’ve got the companion nicknamed "kacin" which means axe in Armenian.  I worked out a lot at home, but I haven’t had that good of a work out in a long time, so dad, I think we are going to become mountain men.  And we have matching shirts to do it, so why not?

I’ve been becoming very good friends with some guys my age here in Artashat.  It’s been an amazing transition from the start of my mission till now. I’ve been learning how to just look at them as friends, not "Armenians."  It’s changed my perspective and helped a lot lately.  

Hey mom, I was talking with an Armenian girl about you and how beautiful and awesome you are! I miss you a lot! Hope you know I love you and have prayed for you every day. This week was really good with my companion. We talked and everything went by the Spirit so it was awesome. I’ve already received the hump day package, yesterday, and am almost out of tootsie rolls ha-ha. I shared some with the members and they didn’t like them.  Me and our ward clerk corrected a lot of errors in the church records for 4 hours last night, it was super fun and he is one of the keys to Armenia.  He is also the stake clerk and does a lot for the church.  Super funny guy.  Really smart too.  I’m getting along really well with Armenians right now and I’m just figuring out how to help them. I figured out that they first need a friend who cares about them, so I’m doing that! That’s awesome for Chris! No better place that he could be working at.  Spencer, wow.  Tell him to email me.  I’ve heard about the terrorist attacks and it’s sad, but we still need to press forward and do the Lord's work.  

I’ve been comforted a lot on my mission because I wanted you all to come closer to Christ and I thought it was my job to help you do that, and then I left.  But I’ve seen I big change in the family and it’s been bringing peace to my soul every day that you are all strengthening your testimonies.  I know that Heavenly Father is watching over you every day and that you are being blessed because of your obedience and desire to be obedience.  I love reading all of the emails from you guys every week.  Especially when you are happy.  We’re changing the church in Armenia now.  It’s amazing.  Love you mom!! Thanks for everything

We had Elder and Sister Kacher from the area presidency come down for our zone conference yesterday and our goal is to establish the church in Armenia.  73% of our members are in-active or less active, so we are super excited to help this place.  I feel very confident that we can help. It’s going to take 5-10 years because the church is still young here, but it’s going to be amazing.

I also had the opportunity to bear my testimony of the Savior.  I’ve realized throughout my life that I have to be the one to allow Him into my life. He will not force His way in.  It’s given me the confidence that no matter what happens He will always be by my side if I call on His name.  I hope we all recognize how loving He is and how much He wants us to succeed in this life and the next.  I love you all!!!

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