Monday, February 9, 2015

This week has been really abnormal.  I have gotten really sick and I’m just barely starting to get better.  We have had a lot of success though and everything is moving really well.  We are having a lot of investigators attending church and we have met a lot of awesome people.  One thing that is difficult to do is to get people to be able to come to church on their own.  A lot of these people have little or no money, literally.  But, I have seen their desire to come to know Christ and to change their lives and enter the gates of heaven through Christ’s restored gospel.  I have seen many awesome things happen this week and a literal miracle that I think is the first time I’ve ever seen one.  It’s been really tough for me though, because I haven’t been able to wake up on time and I haven’t been able to do personal study most of this last week.  But, God is still blessing us.  Our goals for this last week were really high and we almost met all of them and this week we're going for our highest goals ever.  We are going to need a lot of prayers and help to make this stuff happen.  I know that this letter probably isn’t the most interesting but I just wanted to let everyone know that these people that we are teaching, aren’t just numbers, they're our brothers and sisters and we need to help them get back to Heavenly Father and receive all the gifts that he has in-store for us.  This really is Christ’s church and he is doing everything possible to help everyone know and choose for themselves whether they want to accept it or not.  Sorry this letter isn’t the best, but just know that there is somebody out there that needs your help, and you can help them through the gospel of Christ! 
Elder Andrew Porcelli

apartment in Armenia

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