Monday, September 21, 2015

I got transferred down to a place called Artashat, which is right next
to Ararat.  its the southern most part you can serve in.  I wont see
snow this winter, it stays relatively warm down here but it will get
cold.  I am pretty close to Yerevan.  I am  with Elder Potter right now, I
served around him for 6 months so we know each other really well.  its
really interesting because we are pretty much white washing again.  he
served here for 3 weeks about a year ago and we are both coming from our
areas.  its been a fun week so far.  we've gotten to know a couple
members of the ward and this city is very small compared to other
places.  also I got my package a couple weeks ago, I don't know if I
told you.  thanks a ton! I have already eaten it all.  it was really good.
I don't have a ton to tell about. it was pretty hard to leave Gyumri,
we had some really awesome people up there.  I am sure that next week I
will have more to tell about! love you!

Elder Porcelli

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