Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Armenia is Home

There’s not tons of news from here everything is going pretty well. Transfers are next week so that will be interesting! I am getting my package on Tuesday! Thanks for sending it! How’s everything going there with work? In already accepting Armenia as my home....... I also have decided that in going to wait until fall 2017 to start school, I don’t have time on my mission to worry about the future because God will help out! Also you seem to be dodging my questions or aren’t reading my emails (or both) but when we skype in December I would like for you to address whether you want to come to Armenia or not, just think about it. Don’t worry about it either. It’s a simple thing.  Also, I love you guys a lot! I honestly don’t know how to express in words how grateful I am for this! You are sacrificing a lot for MY wellbeing and I am super impressed and humbled because of that. Some people say, well you were raised in this gospel and you’ve lived it your whole life so of course you’re going to believe it.  I always think and tell them, you know that’s a good point, but, I felt something and I have  also had experiences throughout my life, prayers answered, direction given, seen the blessings IMMEDIATELY after trying, so at this point I can confidently say that this is the true church of Christ and I know of the truthfulness.  I don’t need to see God to KNOW that He is here, I can see the evidence right in front of my eyes. Pretty much want to say thank you! You helped save a soul.  And I say that because I will always be a part of this! SERVE A MISSION WITH DAD! I think it would be super cool! Love you! 

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