Monday, August 31, 2015

Well this week was really fun.
 We had zone conference and hiked up Aragats as a mission.  It is
funny how small of a mission we have because I know every one of them. It was
fun to hike in the snow! Super foggy and cold but super fun.  We focused
on pondering and how it is important to do it sincerely.  Pondering is one
of the keys to revelation in my opinion.  It has helped me out on my
mission a lot and I know that that is how people can become truly
converted.  This week was another really good week in terms of happiness.
 We did not have tons of meetings but the ones we had were really
good.  The people are starting to acknowledge that we are making a
difference in their lives.  One of the less active women that we often
visit told us this yesterday.  "Before you guys, the missionaries
would come and once they found out that my husband does not want me to come to
church, they would stop visiting, but you guys are different.  You keep on
coming back and you have completely changed my life" she was tearing up
and I could see the gratitude that she had for Heavenly Father for always being
there for her.  I know that we receive answers to prayers through others
and that we really do make a difference in other people'€™s lives and can, if we
have our lives in line with Heavenly Father's will.  No matter where you
are, be a disciple of Christ. We all are and that'€™s the covenant we make with
Him at baptism.  Be unified as well! There are a lot of things we need to
figure out on our own and that'€™s what makes this life great! Love you all
thanks for your love support!

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