Monday, August 3, 2015

Well, this week what do i say? ive learned a lot about patience and the trials of our faith.  i know that it is hard to be in the middle of a trial and to still be happy all the time, believe me. but, God wants to know what we are going to do, if we are going to press on and accept His will, or give up and not live up to the potential that we have.  I went on a split with my good buddy Elder Kay.  we talked a ton about the things that i used to do to get work rolling, i realized i hadnt done that at all this transfer.  We also talked about what this work needs and what did we come up with? the Spirit.  it is the hardest thing to be in a lesson and not have the Spirit, and its even harder to have the courage to leave if its not there.  this week was just odd in the sense that we couldnt feel the Spirit at all in our meetings.  we didnt know what was wrong, if we sinned, or if God is just doing this.  we were obedient, we prayed a lot and asked for the Spirit.  But, i guess God had a different plan for us, He wanted us to learn something and that thing is this,  " what are we willing to give up, to pay the price.  To help this work press forward.  what is it going to take from us?"  so, we are changing all of our missionary work again. it will all work out and i strongly feel that way.  remember to always keep your head up in the hard times, there is a reason and a lesson to be learned! if you dont believe me, read the scriptures! thats all its about.  

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