Monday, January 18, 2016

Lots of Investigators

We are working with one of our member's nephews who have been coming to church for a while now. 

Another family we are working with are pretty young.  They are in their Late 20's and have two awesome sons.  He is by far the most elect investigator and he is very normal. He reads everything we give him and his wife is hilarious.  He's had some problems with debt and is trying to solve that so he's been busy a lot lately.  

We just found a family a couple days ago and the dad came to church yesterday.  His family is very humble and understands very well.  His friend is also investigating with him.  

We have a lot more, just not as serious.  We dropped a lot of people over the past two weeks.  A lot of really good families, they just weren't acting.  But, they will be baptized in the future for sure.  One thing that frustrates me is that the men here act like their families are possessions that they have to protect and that they can never change. So many amazing families have been found and the men do not allow them to meet with us anymore.  It does not happen a lot, but more often than it should.  

We are very busy every day.  We run around everywhere to appointments and it can get very exhausting sometimes.  I've never pushed myself so hard.  Sometimes it gets too overwhelming for me.  I do not ever have time to just think.  I am always having to just deal with problems and move on.  I think that one of the keys to that is just thinking about how to help others.  Tricking your mind into what can I do to help others?  Actually, thinking about that right now makes a big difference.  For this week though, we had an amazing week in terms of growth in companionship unity and finding less-actives. 

We hadn't been having a lot of investigators coming to church.  We decided to have a fast for the work to ask the Lord that He would help the investigators understand the importance of sacrament meeting and of acting on the message we have shared.  Our faith was tried.  We worked as hard as we could throughout the week and when Sunday rolled around we had a lot of investigators planning on coming to church.  Out of the ones that we had called only one came, but we had 4 others come that on a weekly basis we do not usually meet.  To us, that was a miracle.  The Lord works in mysterious ways and will use our efforts to bless us in the ways that He knows will best benefit us.  

All of our investigators have been lacking their end of the load in investigating.  They are not acting.  Our bishop was going to meetings with us and had to go home.  We decided to drop by a guy that we had met with once but seemed pretty normal. We went over there and when we got there he told us he had read the plan of salvation pamphlet twice. I was thinking yeah right.  Then he explained the entire plan.  It was so relieving for us and made our part so much easier.  It was a miracle that we had been praying for.  

I love this scripture that perfectly explains it. 24" But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things." 2 Nephi 2:24

It was a great way to grow and learn spiritually.  I believe in the Lord's timing of things.  I know that He will always follow through with His promises.  We just have to believe, it's a choice.  

Love, Elder Porcelli

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