Monday, January 4, 2016

happy New Year in Armenia!

Well to start off, the bee guy has been long gone.  For over two months.  Sorry I didn’t let you know earlier, he wasn’t on my mind.  I don’t have a lot of time this week because everything is shut down here because of New Years.  I’m glad we don’t do what they do here.  

It is freezing here.  We got over a foot of snow on New Year’s.  Their traditions are crazy.  I’ll tell you one of them, drink for two weeks straight and never have their phones turned on, making missionary work that much harder.  It’s the same day as in America. This last week my favorite thing was walking in a village with a member and having everyone inviting us in and feeding us.  

That’s a nice jacket that Chris has.  I’ll tell you more next week because I don’t have time, but if you could send family pictures, those same protein bars and I’ll tell you next week what tooth brush to get, and get it from eBay.  Elder Lunt got his 4 years ago, it has a life time warranty and got it with a huge package deal for only 120$. I’ll let you know what it is next week.  Also, I’m probably going to the dentist soon so if you could refill my account that would be great, we have to pay with our own money.  

This week was amazing in spiritual growth.  I’ve learned a lot of life lessons that are going to be great supports as I go through college and start a career.  I wish I could tell you some of them, but I don’t have much time.  Keep the things in life simple.  Alma 37:6 is a great tool to use in our lives.  We take things step by step and they will eventually become great and power tools in our lives.  Love you! 

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