Monday, January 11, 2016

This week has been crazy.  Our phone is broken and has been for the past 5 days.  Our phone is our biggest ally and we can’t use it.  But, the Lord has been blessing us.  

I have been learning a lot about the person the Lord wants and needs me to become.  It has been amazing to see the way He allows things to work out.  I have been realizing more and more the best way to help someone and myself in turn is this; focusing on the individual.  It's about building upon the foundations that have already been laid down.  It's about the future of people. Never focusing on the mistakes and weaknesses of others, rather showing them a more bright future and better way.  The lessons that I have been learning lately are priceless and I am learning how to make them my own, how to be self-sufficient while relying on the Savior, a leader but a follower as well.  In one word, an EXAMPLE.  I have had some really cool experiences in the past couple of weeks and am realizing more and more the grandness of God's plan.  
I hope that the family is taking the time to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.  By applying the gospel in our lives we allow the capability of the atonement of Jesus Christ to envelop our beings.  God knows our potential and He knows who we were in the past life and based on those characteristics He knew what would be best for us to grow in this life. Love you Mom and Dad! 
This week has been a blessing, even with a broken phone.  The Lord has guided us to the people He needs us to meet with.  We have seen some great miracles and it is all coming from our faith in Jesus Christ.  

It is amazing to learn of God's grand scheme of things and how perfectly things work out.  I have a firm testimony in the Lord's timing.  It is amazing how things work out and are always for our benefit.  

I am learning about the 'individual.'  The way to help others is to focus on them.  If we are working towards a goal with someone, but they are not on board, it is more than likely you will not succeed. It all starts at the individual and the characteristics that they have and by using those attributes to your advantage.  

I do not want to spoil the revelation that we are able to receive when we ponder this topic. My point to this subject is this.  The most effective people in this world always act out of LOVE. You can choose to ponder about this if you want, this is just advice.  But this has helped me out greatly and my relationship with Heavenly Father has grown because of it.  

Isn’t that "individual" you? I love you all, truly! 

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