Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just a heads up that Andrew is safe in Armenia!  We talked with him twice... the first time was from SLC airport where some guy passed out so his wife asked Andrew and his companion to give him a blessing (right place, right time?).  He was on fire.  Some lady saw them and took this picture and texted it to me and all the other parents (what a nice lady, right?):

Salt Lake Airport on their way to Armenia!

The 2nd time was from Atlanta airport and he was tired and talked about some gray tie he wished I sent him and he will never be able to find nice ties in Armenia. (remember, he was tired, but still Andrew)

Then we received his arrival picture and e-mail:  Thanks for your support all!!!  Life is B-YOU-tiful!

From Andrew:

Just wanted to let you know that I'm here in Yerevan right now, we got to go to the Genocide Memorial and see this really cool Russian memorial there as well.  We ate out at an Armenian restaurant which was fun and tomorrow we are leaving to our areas and I'll let you know on Monday what place I'll be serving in for my first transfer! It's definitely different here in the sense that it's not America, but i feel like I'm at home so it's going to be great here and I also know it's going to be extremely hard, but I know that the only way that weak things become strong is by going through trials and learning how to do hard things. I'm super excited and I can't wait to tell you and dad more about it!
Arriving in Armenia!  So cute they give the girls flowers.  They are tired!!!

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