Monday, January 12, 2015

Where do I start? My first week in Armenia has been amazing! My mission president and his wife are super nice and I can already tell that they've helped the church progress so much here.  The plane ride here was super interesting, mainly because I didn't sleep the entire time, but I met a lot of amazing people on the way! When we landed in Paris it was super foggy so we couldn't really see anything but the ground.  when we landed in Yerevan we pretty much just went to bed because it was super late.  We got to know the President and his wife better the next morning and after we went to some historical sights which were awesome.  On 
Friday I got my new companion who is awesome! My new area is called Vanadzor and we went straight to work when we got here.  I've never been so confused with what has been  going on my entire life.  I can barely understand what people are saying, but i still love it because everyone is super nice.  We have tons of baptismal dates and new investigators which we're super excited about.  I've gotten to try a lot of new foods and have gotten used to always being freezing cold outside.  All of the people here live in such humble circumstances and its really hard to see, but we are doing our best to rely on the Lord for help and guidance and were trying to help them realize that too.  My companion and I have been thinking the same things lately on what we should be doing and we have definitely recognized Gods hand in it.  I love it here and i just want to let all of you know that I'm alive and to know that through the Christ anything is possible.  I'm going to learn so much more on how to rely on him and always remember that this is his work and not mine.  My mission has changed me so much and I'm super glad for this.  I hope that all of you can remember what this life is really about and remember that we all have the chance to help everyone around us.  I'm going to need a lot of prayers if that isn't to selfish of me to ask.  Pray for the investigators that we meet with, that they can feel the spirit and that we can teach by the spirit! Love you all and have fun where ever you are because we can help everyone!

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