Monday, January 26, 2015

Man, this week has been crazy! First things first, we just had a baptism on Saturday which was insane.  When we were giving him the gift of the Holy Ghost you really could feel the spirit.  I love seeing the people's willingness to change here and come closer to Christ by getting on the right path back to our Father in Heaven.  My testimony has been strengthened so much and I really do know that this is the only way back.  This is all real, we need to be doing our very best to bring our lives in harmony with Christ's teachings and truly seek out his blessings.  

I’ve been helped out a lot this week, not only by my companion, who is super awesome, but also the freaking Holy Ghost.  My goodness he helps me out so much.  I really do know that it he is the teacher and that I need to do everything in my power to be a worthy instrument in his hands.  The language is coming along super well and its super exciting.  I love talking to people everywhere because they are all super nice!

My companion is super cool and we teach really well together and we think a lot of the same things.  He trusts me a lot and it’s awesome that it’s only been a couple of weeks and we're already close friends.  He is insanely smart and good at the language and literally knows everything that is going on, it’s ridiculous and he’s only been here for four months.  He’s helped me out a lot and I can tell that the Lord knows that together he and I can help others around us.  there are people that are being prepared to receive the gospel and we do our best to prepare ourselves spiritually and strengthen ourselves so that we can help and strengthen others. 

I hope that I’m not sounding boastful in any way.  I know that I cannot do anything without God, and we need to always being praying, whether it’s in our hearts our out loud while kneeling or whatever, but we always need to pray for help and guidance so that our work can be consecrated.(2 Nephi 32:9, Alma 26:11-12) my two favorite scriptures.  I know that with God we can do all things and when we are humble and submissive we can receive guidance and revelation on things that we need to do, and I also know that when we pray for the consecration of our performance, God really does bless us with the Holy Ghost so that we can fulfill our duties.  

I love everything about this gospel.  I really do know the Christ is our redeemer and that the Holy Ghost does help us in our lives.  If we continually seek out guidance we will receive it and this is the only way back to God.  Hope you are all having an amazing time wherever you are and are sharing the gospel with everyone! Love you all.

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