Monday, April 6, 2015

Well, this week was probably  the most up and down week that i have had! This week was transfers week and so i got my new stud companion.  This week has been super different because we didnt get the chance to meet with a lot of our investigators.  Its also been really hard and stressful because the entire ward is riding on me right now and all of the members are dumping on me.  But, i know that with stress comes growth, and from growth, we can become closer to the Savior through his grace! We didnt have a lot of new things happen this week but there has definitely been a lot of maturing on my part because for the next couple of weeks everything is on me because i know this ward and area.  i did read something in preach my gospel that really stuck out to me! It says that no one can know about spiritual truths without prayer.  It is super true, through prayer is how we receive a lot of the confirmations of the truths about the gospel from God.  When it's from the spirit, it's from God and if it's from God no one can deny it.  Alma 26:22 says that through prayer and repentance we can find out about the mysteries of God that no other man knoweth.  Alma 7:23 says ask the Lord for whatsoever thing ye stand in need both temporal and spiritual and it will be given to you through faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.  No matter what you can always go to God for help and he will help you, that's a promise from prophets of God! and from every missionary in the world.  I hope everything you do shows love for Christ! i dont mean that super literally but just remember we are trying to become more like the Savior in this life and we cant do that without his grace

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